I'm Sylvain, 100% from Marseilles. I offer you to get to know me on this page.

What is the use of this page if I want to contact you for a photographer job ?

Well, the photographer you choose will be invited in your intimate cocoon and will be as close as possible to you for a few hours or even several days. For this reason, it's really important for you to choose a photographer that suits you. So, I invite you to discover a little bit of me on this page :).

My origins and my background

So I was born in the beautiful Phocean city on a beautiful August day in 1989. Thus I had the chance to grow up there, under the benevolence of the "Bonne mère" of Marseille, the sun and the sea. But then I had to move to Toulouse to pursue my higher education. So, once I had my Master of Engineering degree in my pocket, I couldn't find anything better than.. to do a PHD.

Sylvain Arki - Photographe de mariage dans le sud de la france

And I am now a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and I have decided to stop there. But for the rest, it is necessary that I explain why I did this thesis... Simply out of passion and curiosity. Indeed, these are the two characteristics of my personality that govern my life and I will prove it to you !

My passions and and interests, what I like... Or not !

Un photographe de mariage provençal au ski

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I am a passionate and curious person. Indeed, I'em interested by pretty much everything : programming, electronics, mechanics, history, economics, motocylcling, sport, philosophy, geopolitics, and many more ! So I'm just going to talk to you a little bit about my main interests. For that I will detail a point of culture, a point of sport and a creative one.

I will start with Science-Fiction like any good self-respecting geek. I love this field of literature and cinema or television. It makes us both dream and see our future. Who would have thought in Jules Verne's time that one day we would set foot on the moon? In fact, my favorite author is Isaac Asimov and his series Fondation e les Robots. My movies: Star Wars (and not Disney ones!), Lion King (the cartoon !) and About Time.

Now the sport... Already I can tell you that I don't especially like Rugby, it's just not my sport... But I'm a ski fan though! But also of Tennis, I practiced this sport for 10 years and still play when the opportunity arises. My favorite surface: the clay, which I find very technical. So, if you are looking to reach me in early June, you have a good chance to find me living the match with the players of Roland Garros... And in winter, just look for me in the Pyrenees or the Alps:).

Finally, the creative part... Difficult choice of subject as I like to intertwine them. A good project from my point of view combines IT, electronics and DIY! But let's be wise... So I'm going to talk about computer science, which is, along with photography, the first area I've been interested in. Being passionate about new technologies since the beginning, I learned to program as soon as I had access to a computer. I created some websites, small programs and other Android applications... Of which the most downloaded was a photo app.

I also love to laugh, quote How I Met your Mother, dance (don't hesitate to invite me for a rock, a salsa or a waltz!), video games, raclette, petanque, ratatouille... On the other hand, I don't like asparagus, musicals, new Star Wars, fish or Pastis (but I promise to you, I'm from Marseille!).

Wait, wait, wait. You talk about a lot of passions... But forget the photography ?

Among all this, my oldest and most persistent passion is photography. Without falling into clichés, I had the chance to taste it very early on with a small silver compact when I was "this high". My oldest photos are also staged with small Swedish bricks with the plants on the balcony in front of the panorama of Marseille.

I then used silver or digital cameras to take landscape or souvenir photos, both skiing in front of Mont-Blanc and in the evening with friends.
But the moment when I really started to get passionate about this art was in 2008, when my father gave me my first DSLR. So I began to take an interest in all aspects of photography, but from then on, what I liked most was to bring out the intensity of the moment or a glance. I then discovered a passion for authentic portrait photography. So I was convinced I'd like to do wedding photography..

Then I went to Toulouse, and taken by my studies I moved a little far from the portrait photo. So I got closer to the photo of aerial stunts during meetings I attend... But I was able to accomplish my long-standing project as soon as I finished my PhD (3 days later to be precise !)... And now, I'm back on the French Rivieray and, ready to immortalize you, your complicity, your love.

Avion de la Redbull Air Race passant au travers de pylônes au dessus de la mer à Cannes en Provence
Sortie de l'église de Parisot sous les bulles des convives tarnais
Les jeunes mariés célèbrent leur mariage près de bordeaux
Peu rassurée par le mariage qui se prépare
Sortie d'église sous les pétales à Brue-Auriac
Derniers moments de tension pour le futur mari à la Mairie de Marseille
Les mariés sous le splendide chêne du domaine du planet en Provence

And you, what's your story ? I can't wait to discover it !