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Une vie emplie de bonheur vous attend !

I you got here, it means that you're looking for a French wedding photographer to create authentic memories. You Wish to relive this special day over and over again. You wish to immortalize forever the laughter, fears and tears that mark this special moment and make them unforgettable memories.

Then you've come to the right place ! I propose to capture those magical moments. Whether tomorrow or in 7 years'time, in France or on the surface of he Moon, in Summer or Winter, I'm here for you.

Because each moment is unique, because you want unforgettable memories that will take you back into a moment, an instant, the choice of your wedding photographer is important. Indeed, he will be as close as possible to you throughout this day, in moments of shared joy or private intimacy. You should make this choice carefully and and select a person who suits you. Because, It will be more difficult for you to be natural in front of the lens of the photographer with whom you have no affinity than with a " one-day friend ".

Are we meant to be together ?

I'll present myself briefly : Sylvain, born in Marseille. I moved for about ten years in the south-west of France, but finally back in Provence . I'm a Geek convinced that one day Han will shoot first again. I love series, movies, computers electronics and, especially, planes and the space race. My Dream? to be a lunar photographer during the next step on Selene. If you wan to discover me more, I suggest you read my description page.

But of all these passions, the one that is most deeply rooted in my soul is certainly the photo. I started photography about ten years ago with natural portraiture and studio photography. Passionate by this field, I started to do Wedding Photography to capture your emotions, your little gestures, your embracing hands, and all those other little things that make our heart beat.

Sylvain Arki - Photographe de mariage dans le sud de la france

Memories Are Forever

Let's talk about my vision of wedding photography. First of all, the question is : Why do I do wedding photography ? The answer is obvious taking into account that I'm French : to eat good food ! But in fact not really. If I want to be a part of your moment, it is out of passion. The passion to bring out your emotions, to surprise the little looks shared or incongruous situations.

The photo posed does not interest me, the tense smiles accompanied by stressed looks never make nice photos... Worse, they don't make great memories. It's not those photographies that will make you relive the emotions felt on your wedding day. I consider my work to be perfectly done if you wipe a tear looking at your photos reliving a moment of tenderness or laugh looking at a moment of joy. Of course, you can count on me to take the classic group photos if you choose to, but they won't be as imperishable as your little complicit looks or the witness dancing on the table.

A wedding photographer closer to you

In order to get to know you, to determine your little habits, your little acts of affection, I always offer to you an "engagement session" before the wedding. Why ? Because during this session I can start to understand you, to anticipate your looks your squabbles, and everything that makes your couple such a special team. During this session I gradually invite myself into your little bubble to capture you at the most appropriate time. Thus, on your wedding day, you will be accustomed to my presence and I will be able to react as well as I can to immortalize your most beautiful gestures of tenderness.

But more than a simple photo series, the strength of the memory that we will create lies in the way I'll tell your story. To do this, I use an approach called the " Storytelling " . In this way, I arrange your photographs in order to create a coherent sequence, which takes you by the hand and brings you back to the day of your wedding to relive the slightest sensations moment by moment. From the preparations to the ceremony, from the cocktail to the first dance, from the engagement session to the relaxed brunch of the next day, I suggest you to become the witnesses of this event in which you were once the actors.

But since a picture is worth more than a long speech, I suggest you get a glimpse of your future memories...

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You liked it ?

Then, let me add something : I am not just your wedding photographer who takes ridiculous positions to capture you. Indeed, being present at every moment, I'll be your best friend during this day, from the hairdressing session to the last dance, from the first look to the "yes" that will change your life.

So, if you need anything, I'm here ! No space to store your phones ? I have free pockets ! You didn't plan to wipe a tear ? Sylvain is here ! "Oops, I forgot the rings in the room.. But where did the photographer go?"... In the room, of course !

A wedding is indeed filled with little things that will only be good memories tomorrow. But the slightest hitch on this day can quickly seem insurmountable. For that, I'm here too...

Discover the experience they had in front of my lens


If you're looking for a photographer for your wedding, you've found one!

Patient, benevolent, professional, he listens to your every wish.
We weren't used to taking pictures at all, certainly a bit tense at the idea of someone following us around all day. He was able to make us feel comfortable thanks to the engagement session, he also came with me, the bride, for the preparation: make-up and hairdressing. I never felt uncomfortable, I even forgot him for a while. I didn't realize that he had taken some photos until I received the reportage, when it was just the two of us.
His discretion is such that even our 2 and a half year old twins are stunningly natural in the pictures. He managed to capture moments of grace! His kindness allowed him to tame our daughter who is very shy, with people she doesn't know very well.
Everything is beautiful. The photos are very natural, sublimate their subjects, even funny which doesn't spoil anything. The photo book is beautiful and of exceptional quality.
In short, all this to say a big thank you, Sylvain, for having been by our side during all this day, rich in emotions, and thanks to you, in memories. We'll never forget it from now on...
(Translated from french)

Françoise and Christophe

A great time

We chose Sylvain for our engagement and are very happy. Sylvain successed to put us both at ease during the couple session. He is a good listener and very friendly. His presence throughout the day was very pleasant and discreet when necessary. Count on Sylvain to be your best friend on this particular day. The quality and beauty of his photos are there to create wonderful memories. We thank Sylvain and of course we recommend him as a photographer!
(Translated from french)

Ingrid and Tanguy


Nous avons fait la connaissance de Sylvain lors de notre séance photo fiançailles. Il a su nous rassurer, nous mettre à l’aise et nous apporter de nombreux conseils et retours d’expérience concernant l’organisation de la journée. Nous étions alors totalement prêts à lui faire confiance pour le jour J. Nous sommes aujourd'hui pleinement satisfaits du travail qu'il a réalisé. Au-delà de la qualité de ses photos, Sylvain a su nous accompagner lors de cette journée si chargée en émotion et a fait l'unanimité auprès de nos invités. Il a brillé par son écoute, sa discrétion, sa présence et sa disponibilité. Sylvain est aussi professionnel que sympathique et impliqué. Que de bons souvenirs! Nous recommandons Sylvain les yeux fermés.

Joanne and François

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The Champomy Clause

One thing to know: I don't drink (at all) alcohol because I don't like it. So it has become a tradition with my friends to celebrate important things (birthdays, weddings, etc.) with Champomy rather than Champagne. So much so that it is considered that we didn't celebrate an event if we didn't have our glass of sparkling apple juice!

And yet I appreciate sharing your happiness and toasting with you during the evening to celebrate your union. So I propose the Champomy clause: you toast with sparkling apple juice with me and I'll prepare a little surprise for you!

There is nothing mandatory of course, but it will be my pleasure to share this cup with you :).

The floor is yours

I have talked a lot about myself and this moment we are going to share, now it's up to you! I look forward to getting to know you and meeting you. To discover your little habits and your love. Tell me about your couple, your interests, your wedding project, I want to know everything! It's the best way for us to have a great time on the big day!
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