Wedding photographer: why am I (very) involved in the organisation of your wedding?

There are, for me, two schools of wedding photographers: the photographer who is going to do the photos and stops to do his work very well or the one who is going to live this day as a human adventure, getting involved in the establishment of "the wedding ring map". You will have guessed it, like a pirate, I am one of those famous hunters of precious moments.

Bride and grooms who have passed in front of my lens will tell you: I ask a lot of questions and give a lot of advice throughout the organisation of your wedding. From the timing of each moment to the advice for the first dance, from the organisation of the couple's photos to the predictable unexpected, I put my grain of salt everywhere.

What Is a Wedding?

Wedding is, above all, a significant event event in your life. But it is also a complex organisation: juggling between the service providers, planning the timing, choosing your outfit, preparing the first dance etc.

For each stage, each participant will guide you: the caterer for the dishes, the hairdresser/make-up artist for the bun, shades and beard, the DJ for the music and lighting, etc., etc.

In the end, a wedding is a bit like a great symphony in which you are the conductors... Difficult when you've never touched an instrument...

The family entrance in the church

A three-person human journey... for a few months...

The bride and groom surrounded by green and white petals in front of the church

And that's where I come in. I prefer to say it in advance, I'm not a Wedding Planner. This means that I won't be there for fittings, the choice of room decoration, etc. I'm not a Wedding Planner. I can guide you to service providers that I know and appreciate the work and approach of, but I won't go any further.

On the other hand, I'm the attentive ear that asks you questions you haven't thought of. I help you plan the wedding the duration of each event, the moments when to allow extra time for a few photos or simply the time to receive congratulations from the guests. Choosing the best time for photos of couples / groups, planning the right transfer times etc. But also, I'll share my experience with you to help you deal with a whole host of imponderables that I've experienced with the bride and groom (but don't worry, you'll get yours!).

Also, , I will be in touch with you regularly in the year before the wedding to find out how the organisation is progressing and to help you to fix the final problems. Also, I send you the small checklist file that I use and update each time we contact each other. I even go so far as to give you tips on how to position your hands for the first dance if it's a waltz, rock or salsa! (Just ask Joanne and François ;))

Why am I so involved in the organisation? Because being at the heart of the wedding allows me to capture the best moments, the most beautiful moments and to offer you striking and moving photos!

The Photographer, This Friend of the Day

And once we've planned everything, once the strings, winds and percussion are in place, it's time to play our score and live this wedding you've been waiting for so long... But what would a wedding be without its share of unexpected events, without the bride and groom who have said "we have time" and who find themselves finishing preparing the hall in a hurry with the help of witnesses, brothers, sisters and parents? Without the bride-to-be who gradually feels the pressure mounting during the 2-3 hours of preparations, without the groom running around?

Well, for this day too you can count on me. As I say on my wedding page, on the D-day, I am your carrier pigeon, the one who keeps the telephone and other objects, the one you can call (nice) names to take the pressure off, the one who relaxes and reassures you... Present at every moment, you can count on me to come to your rescue while immortalising these little moments into unforgettable memories that you will pass on to your children.

Couple photo session during the wedding

How does it work really?

First dance rehearsal in Antibes

Well, let's talk about Joanne and François, for example, one of my rare 2020 weddings that hasn't been postponed to 2021 or 2022 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During their engagement session, I make a little point with them (as always) and realise that the timings are not good, and a lot of things are missing. So we went over the whole wedding to add the little latencies at the right time, prepare the time for the group photos, shift the time for the couple's photos. I also gave them a little to-do list to serve as a guide and prioritise the actions... But also a little improvised waltz lesson for their first dance and exercises to do to make rapid progress... Result: a superb wedding, without a hitch, where everyone was able to enjoy... And photos full of emotions that the bride and groom and guests loved!

And... Here it is! I hope I have been able to enlighten you on why why the work of a photographer does not stop at taking pictures (in my opinion). To sum up, celebrating your wedding in front of my lens is:

  • Having a guide and an attentive ear throughout the organisation,
  • Benefit from my experience,
  • Have a peak, a rock, a peninsula (or a pillar, as you wish) on which you can rest on D-Day,
  • To have a reliable and complete service for you and your guests..

But also, and above all:

  • Pictures full of emotions and memories,
  • A premium photo book that will span generations and tell your story to your children and their children.
Bride and Groom enjoying the wedding

You too don't want to be alone and lost during the organisation of your wedding? Are you looking for more than just a photographer? Then contact me !
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