2019: my first (half) year as a wedding photographer

It's time to take a look back of 2019... And what a year it's been!

The beginning of a new year as a photographer... Without taking a picture!

The year "starts" in March with my thesis defense, followed three days later by my participation in the super workshop Le guide du photographe de Mariage (which I recommend) with Sébastien Roignant. The five-day workshop was intense, convivial and full of teachings and encounters. I would like to thank all the photographers present for their feedback and their sharing of skills and tips.

Then came the time to implement all the acquired skills, creation of the website, application of Seb's layout advice... And to find the first weddings.
The first year, the main difficulty is to feel legitimate, despite about ten years of photo experience ... But I will talk about this point in a future post.

My first steps as a wedding photographer

My first weddings, as a professional, are a little bit by chance, this question of legitimacy being quite central in the prospecting of brides and grooms, it is psychologically difficult to go to strangers to offer one's services despite years of practice of photography, whether in studio, natural portrait, during the day as well as in the evening... Or even at weddings! Because yes, my first two weddings are actually my 4th and 5th... But the previous ones were done as a guest amateur.th and 5th... But the previous ones were done as a guest amateur.

The first wedding was therefore that of Françoise and Christophe on 31/08/2019 in Parisot. It was also a double event since before the wedding took place the baptism of their twins Héléna and Tom. You can find the details of this wedding by reading the following article: My first day as a Wedding Photographer. It was also the occasion for me to make my first wedding photo book!

The family entrance in the church

And then came the civil wedding of Marie and François on 02/11/2019 in Marseille... And what luck for this second wedding, the place was ideal: civil wedding at the central wedding and evening at the military mess overlooking the old port, a great opportunity in short. Once again, I dedicated a full article to them: Marie and François - Part 1 : the civilian wedding.Once again, the opportunity for me to implement storytelling within a photo book since they wanted to offer books to their respective families.

Married couple getting out of the city hall

2020, the year of photography and wedding

And here we are, the year is already over, heading for 2020... While 2019 was mainly used to set up my entire communication structure (website, design, Facebook page and others), 2020 should be my first full year as a wedding photographer.

On the menu, already a few weddings planned, a photo series (more info coming 😉

By the way, I take the opportunity to make a small ad: I'm looking for cosplayers with fantastic cosplay (like Harry Potter, but not necessarily from this world).

I'll see you next year for the next review!

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My Facebook page: https://fb.me/sylvainarkiphoto
Seb's website: https://www.sebastienroignant.com and his photo training website: https://www.funquatre.com.