Country-style pregnancy session with Cédrine and Benjamin

Today we leave for the Tarn et Garonne with Cédrine and Benjamin who are waiting for a happy event for the month of August 2020.

Parents to be walking in the Tarn-et-Garonne

Cédrine and Benjamin

Cédrine is a pure Toulousaine and grew up in her hometown. She is a professor in a school of aesthetics. Benjamin comes from the small town of Molières and is a doctor in mechanical engineering. He designs testing machines and is passionate about just about anything and everything (if you've been browsing my site, it must remind you of someone!). They have a cat that checks and gives paws (yes, a cat!) and a mad dog like his master.

They are far from being strangers since Benjamin and I did our theses at the same time, in the same office with the same supervisors! They are therefore close friends (all PhD students or former PhD students will understand the bonds that are woven in an office). What's more, Benjamin and I share the same curiosity and the desire to discover, I leave it to you to judge: electronics, astronomy, gastronomy, mechanics etc, etc.

Parents to be enjoying the pregnancy in the Tarn-et-Garonne

Thus, when they announced to me the upcoming arrival of the fifth member of their family, we agreed to do a pregnancy session to immortalize this moment of life that is the expectation of the first child.

The session

To carry out this session, we waited until the beginning of July so that Cédrine's belly would be sufficiently round. Once the date is fixed, Benjamin proposes me to go to some country places he knows well, so we leave for the forest of grésigne at first and start walking and chatting while taking some pictures.

Cédrine and Benjamin in the Grésigne forest
Benjamin kissing the belly sheltering his unborn child

Then we arrive in a small clearing which must certainly abound in deer since we cross a hut of lookout. The place is ideal for a small session in the grass to make a small family portrait with Newton.

A pregnancy session in the grass with their dog

We continue our walk and decide to change places. On the road I see the landscape with the Aveyron, the fields and hills in the background, I tell Ben to stop on a small space on the side of the road and here we go again for a few shots.

A kiss on baby bump in front of Aveyron river

We then pass by Bruniquel and fork off passing by the Ferme-Auberge Les Chênes (which I strongly recommend, you will have the chance to eat while watching the deer come out of the Grésigne forest). We finally land in a small field full of straw bales. So here we go for the last part of the session with a Benjamin who is definitely in good shape as you can see.

A family hug in the fields
Expectant parents jump for joy on and in front of the haystacks
End of pregnancy session in front of the setting sun in the fields

Once Benjamin is tired enough by his jumps, we decide to stop there and enjoy a good diner.

Bonus: the other session

But that's not quite the end of the session. Benjamin and I made an appointment to observe the Neowise comet two weeks later. After taking pictures of the comet, I suggested to our little couple to try a picture in front of the Milky Way, a first for me! So I leave you with Cédrine and Benjamin under the majestic spectacle that the Milky Way offers us.

Pregnancy session under the milky way

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