A fashion session in Albi with Basil(e)

Today I invite you on a small fashion photo shoot. We will discover the work of a designer friend who has just released her first patterns so that everyone can make her wardrobe at a lower cost! So, let me introduce you to Gabrielle, founder of Basil(e) (but also co-founder of Les noeuds-noeuds and an emeritus cosplayer from the Toulouse area!

Who's Gabi?

Before leaving for Albi, let's talk about Gabi! Gabrielle finished her PhD in cancerology in 2019 and decided to devote herself 100% to her passion which is sewing, a passion that she greatly developed during her years as a cosplayer by making 100% of her costumes whether it be to study at Hogwarts, go on Tatooine or go sailing on the Black Pearl.

Gabrielle at the Toulouse Game Show dressed as a Ravenclaw sorceress

During her PhD, she thought that it's a shame to waste the scraps of fabric from her costumes and so started a company with a friend to make bow ties and accessories from these scraps... Les noeuds-noeuds were born (we'll talk about it in a next post :)).

Gabrielle with a bow tie

But Gabrielle didn’t stop there and decided to share her ideas for a homemade wardrobe with everyone so that you can build a personalized wardrobe that suits you. That's how she launched Basil(e): she proposes the patterns of her outfits with clear instructions and small sewing tips.

How does a photo shoot like this go?

Well, a bit like a wedding or an engagement session, we talk, we joke, we relax... And we go for it. The main difference from other types of photography is that Gabrielle needs more guidance. Indeed, during weddings or engagement sessions, I prefer to leave couples in their bubble and photograph them in their natural state... But fashion has its own codes!

Gabrielle dressed with Basil(e) in Albi's streets
Gabrielle dressed with Basil(e) in Albi's streets

The session in Albi

With the lockdown going through, the session we had planned for early May took place in early June. For this first collection, we chose the quiet little streets of the beautiful city of Albi.

It was a sustained session with no less than 5 outfits to be photographed. We started with the first outfit near the cathedral.

Gabrielle dressed with Basil(e) outfit in Albi's streets
Gabrielle dressed with Basil(e) outfit in Albi's streets

But the real difficulty was when Gabrielle needed to change her outfit, in the middle of the street, despite a towel… And we always had company who... Stayed in the street without doing anything, wherever the street, it was empty when we arrived and filled up as soon as we were ready to shoot or Gabrielle needed to change... If it's not a bad luck!

We managed somehow to find alleys where we stayed alone to continue shooting and change the outfit.

Gabrielle dressed with Basil(e) outfit in Albi's streets
Gabrielle dressed with Basil(e) outfit in Albi's streets

But, this search for a quiet alley or the arrival of tourists in the middle of a photo shoot sometimes overwhelms Gabrielle's patience. She can either show me her annoyance or simply go nuts in the middle of the street!

Gabrielle's a little tired of camera clicks.
At the end of the day, Gabrielle lets loose

And here we are now at the end of the session, I hope you've enjoyed the outfits made by Gabrielle.

A nap near Albi Cathedral in Basil(e) outfit

I invite you to find Basil(e) on her website and Instagram (French only):


And if you're looking for accessories and bow ties for everyday or your wedding, I leave you with the Facebook page of Les noeudsnoeuds:

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